Heather’s main career interests include marketing and marketing research, event planning, community management, and customer service.  She also has over eight years experience in event planning ranging from dinner parties for 8-15 people to UCSC’s Pride festival and march attended by over 500 participants. Heather has spent over a year working on marketing content, including social media, for a technology company and is an expert in utilizing social media networks to reach a target community.

In addition to social media, Heather creates longer form content, such as blog posts and product guides, on a variety of topics to engage users.  For the last three years, Heather has increased her community management skills rapidly, developing the ability to work with diverse communities both on and offline.  She has experience diffusing tense situations by addressing customer complaints quickly, increasing brand awareness, and encouraging consumer participation in the community.  While not always part of her job description, Heather has four years experience resolving customer’s issues.  She is able to solve such cases in a calm, professional manner that satisfies the customer.  A proven leader with attention to detail, Heather believes in supporting those she works with to accomplish common project goals, even if that means doing work outside her job description.

Heather’s personal interests include travel, study of other cultures, and technology.  Her passion for travel and other cultures is reflected in her experiences of visiting all seven continents and living abroad in both Japan and Italy. Due to her passion for travel, Heather has a blog to share travel tips, tricks, and hacks.  She monitors the technology industry constantly and keeps up with coverage of the newest hardware, software, and social media innovations.

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