I’m interested in innovative companies that seek to have a positive influence on the future, from providing services that increase consumer’s happiness to changing the way industries are run. I actively seek to increase employee, consumer, and community engagement. I have extensive training and experience in process and project management. I have experience working with a variety of people including sales, engineers, product managers, designers, marketing, and executives.

In addition to operations and program management, my writing has appeared on sites like Lifehacker, Apartment Therapy, and The Billfold. I’m a proven leader with attention to detail, I believe in supporting those I work with to accomplish common project goals, even if that means doing work outside my job description.

My personal interests include travel, hiking and gardening.  My passion for travel and other cultures is reflected in my experiences of visiting all seven continents and living abroad in both Japan and Italy. I spend my free time cleaning up fur tumbleweeds from my very fluffy cat and dog.

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