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Breather’s Potential: The Possibilities Offered by a Tranquil Space for Rent

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Breather, it is a start up that connects people with curated spaces they can rent by the hour to work or rest.  After reading this article on The Next Web about Breather, my mind flooded with the possibilities for its use beyond a temporary workspace. These ideas spread beyond just my personal potential uses and into the value it could bring to the lives of those I know.

Meeting Spot

For those who don’t have an established office, early stage start-ups for example, a Breather space makes for an excellent location to hold a meeting. Such a spot would be especially helpful if you’re looking for an atmosphere a little more private, polished, and quieter than a coffee shop would offer. For those who work from home, Breather also offers a great spot for client meetings. Even those in school who need a common spot to collaborate on group projects or to study together, the rooms offered by Breather make a wonderful alternative to crowded libraries especially for those who don’t live near or on school campuses. From what I’ve seen, each Breather space has carefully crafted, stylish decor that makes a great backdrop for anything from interviews to scenes for films.

Work Spot

The thoughtfully decorated rooms exude a vibe that helps calm and focus the mind for those needing a place to work. In this instance, someone who is traveling and needs a spot to work out of for a few hours between business meetings. With more privacy than cafe and more personality than a standard hotel room, a Breather space is perfect for such a situation.

Rest Spot

I have traveled a lot and thinking back, there are many times when I would’ve gladly used a Breather space to take a short rest during a day of adventuring. I can imagine how much easier it would be to simply reserve a spot for an hour or two to relax and recuperate instead of trekking all the way back to where you’re staying. If you know Breather operates in the city you’re visiting, you can even incorporate a break at one of its spaces into your sightseeing route. Extremely convenient!

Lounge Spot

Ever had a long layover at an airport? Or worse, a delayed flight? Just the thought of either is exhausting, all that waiting around on uncomfortable seats, surrounded by other tired travelers. If Breather expands into airports, it would be a pop of fresh air amongst the stale rows of seating at gates and the exclusive airline lounges. Whether you want to make use of the extra time to work or rest, a Breather spot sounds much better than any other option at the airport! A little privacy and space to savor before being crammed into the plane with the other passengers. From what I can tell, this is not part of their plan yet, but I think it is a fit for their future road map.

With rooms that are carefully selected for location, cleaned after every reservation, and equipped with wifi, Breather offers a new option for many work and travel related situations.

At the time of writing, I am in no way affiliated with Breather. Simply someone who likes the concept. If you want to know more, try their Twitter or website.