Event Planning and Logistics Coordination Work

Award I won for my event planning.
Equity and Diversity Awareness Award I won for my event planning.
Large Event Experience:
  • Pride 2012, 2011, 2010

Annual event attended by 500+ people. The event consisted of a march, followed by a three hour festival featuring speakers, live performances, catered food, event swag, and activity booths from various organizations. All of this was organized by the committee I had a leadership role in. Everything was free to participants so I spearhead fundraising of about $15,000 for the event each year. This included multiple funding presentations to different organizations as well as applying to grants. I also organized and supervised the event volunteers for the 2011 Pride.  In addition to decision making, I also interacted with vendors and the community at large concerning the event.  Extensive marketing campaigns were also carried out each year. The entire planning process was five months long. Pride is one of the largest reoccurring events in that community.

Pride attendees
Pride attendees
  • Casino Night

Three hour long event that entailed about two months of planning beforehand.  A budget was decided on beforehand and followed the entire time.  Lead a team of ten others to create a temporary casino in an event hall.  This included contact with vendors, organizing catered food, decor, advertising for the event, and deciding entertainment including a Vegas style Elvis “wedding” booth.

Me (green dress) speaking to Casino Night attendees.

  • Haunted Trail

A “haunted” trail through a walking path on the UCSC campus for Halloween. About two months of planning went into this event. The planning included budgeting, decisions on supplies and roles, advertising of event, and completion of associated paperwork.  Most of the planning for this event focused on preparing props for the trail and getting proper clearance and permits to use the space.

  • Spring Carnival

A carnival featuring games, tarot card reader, and free BBQ. About two months of planning went into this event. The planning included sticking to the proposed budget, working with vendors for event supplies and decor, organization of proper legal paperwork (release forms for injury), and advertising of event.

  • Trade Shows

Creation of written content for Super Talent trade show booth displays, including product technical information and selling points.  Instruction to graphic designer on correct product images to use for displays and also feedback on design.  Creation of written content of product catalogs used by sales people at trade show booths.  Contact with trade show organizers about booth details and company participation.

Small Events Experience:
  • Educational Events

 Intended for ten to thirty people, I have put on a myriad of educational events.  These included Q&A panels, featured speakers, workshops, and community building activities.  For most events I worked either alone or with 1-2 others to pool our resources and budgets.  Organizing included obtaining materials for the events, communication with the experts attending the events, and completion of associated paperwork.

Presentation on large scale green events
Presentation on large scale green events
  • Private Parties

 Starting eight years ago, I began planning high-end private dinner parties.  These were usually designed for five to twelve guests.  I organize everything from decorations to the menu, and have even hosted the parties in some cases.