Recommendations from people Heather has worked with or under.  These can all also be found on her LinkedIn profile.

  • Roman Nahal, Current Manager, Super Talent Technology

“Ms. Yamada-Hosley is the base of HQ’s global marketing pyramid. I had the opportunity to recruit and directly supervise Heather during our time at STT. Heather is highly coach-able, pro-active, & what I would call a “pro-creative leader”. I boast because in my experience managing large teams, this is an invaluable trait. From supporting strategic business development with our top tier clients, to translating advanced technical content into professional sales material—Heather understood the concept of addressing raw needs through the technical “noise” in an ever-evolving computer hardware world.

Additionally, Heather was my key co-director in a complete global website redesign project for our global DRAM/SSD/USB site. The first reconstruction since the SSD site’s birth in 2006. Heather fiercely drove and coordinated our internal teams in San Jose (HQ), Wuhan, and Taiwan. She was the reason this 2014 project was a smooth domain swap that launched ahead of scheduled release, and left global operations unaffected through this important transition for our company. A long-term project, she completed all of this all in the background of several other short-term tasks & launches she was assigned.Any brand team that is granted the opportunity to capture the diverse talents she brings to the table is sure to have their expectations in work ethic consistently exceeded.”

  • Annie Catalano, Former Supervisor, Kresge College/UCSC

“Heather was a great team player with a positive attitude. She puts everything into her work whether it’s a small task or a large undertaking. She utilized great event planning skills and provided educational and social activities for hundreds of students. She paid attention to detail and was always punctual to meetings and training sessions. She has a really big heart and cares a lot about the people she works with.”

  • Ashley Overhouse, Former Coworker, Kresge College/UCSC

“I worked with Heather for two years as a Community Assistant at University of California Santa Cruz. She is a driven and savvy leader; an absolute pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail, time management skills, and creativity became invaluable as our event budgets grew smaller and leadership changed. As a coworker, I knew I could always rely on her in difficult residential situations and respected her feedback. All in all, Heather is an ideal individual to have as a member of any professional team and I would gladly work with her again.”

  • Claire Davidson, Former Coworker, Kresge College/UCSC

“As a Community Assistant (CA) Heather was extremely organized, reliable, and enthusiastic. She brought the CAs together to host more large-scale events together, and because of her hard work, Kresge College now has a tradition of hosting a large event each quarter. By supporting her residents and other staff members, she created a very positive working and living environment. She often took on extra responsibilities and always went above and beyond. I highly recommend her.”

  • Young Kim, Current Coworker, Super Talent Technology

“Heather is easy to communicate with on projects. Whenever I have questions or need information, she is quick to respond. Her creativity and tireless efforts are evident in the marketing ideas she comes up with and her pursuit of them.”

  • Samuel Chan, Former Coworker, Super Talent Technology

“Heather was my colleague in the marketing department at Super Talent.
She consistently comes up with original ways to help market our brand and products. One great example is the time she suggested we create manga (Japanese comics) to give to visitors of our trade show booth in Japan. Though we never got to execute this idea, it still shows Heather’s creative side. She is also a team player who is a joy to work with.”